The efficiency of any of your appliances brings a large sense of relief, at Quick works, we help to maintain and fix all of your household appliances, so as to improve your satisfaction.

Kitchen & Wardrobes Installations

The kitchen can be designed for comfort and ease, making the activities pleasurable. We fit in the right cabinets and wardrobes to declutter the kitchen as well as room areas.


What We Do - kitchens, wardrobes, tables, shelving and storage, children’s and garden furniture, exhibition display, office and restaurant furniture, counters and reception desks. Below are some of our carpentry services in Dubai and all over UAE. To make enquiries regarding any job description that isn’t on the list, write to us or call now! EXTENSIVELY, we maintain all types of carpentry problems. Our carpentry care program includes: • All type of furniture works • Wooden Partition • All types of doors works • All types of Painting • Gypsum Partition • Slotted Shelving • Gypsum Ceiling • Heavy Duty storage file tracking system • False Ceiling • Masonry works

Flooring & Wall Painting

Preventive maintenance protects your company's investment in facilities, especially flooring. We developed a specialized preventive maintenance program which provides longevity of your facilities and this includes stripping, waxing and refinishing. • Wooden Floors • Rubber Tile • Marble • Asphalt Tile • Ceramic Tile • Terrazzo • Vinyl Tile • Quarry Tile • Concrete


When plumbing isn’t done right, there is a sense discomfort that comes with it; we maintain all types of plumbing problems. Our Plumbing & Sanitary Care includes: • Water Heater • All type of sanitary items fixing • Sanitary Items • All type plumbing work

Electrical Works

In our experience of services, all types of Electrical problem have solutions and this are the electrically care programs provided: • Spot Checking • Electrical Equipment repairing • Wiring, including both Internal and external methods • Roller shutter with electrical operated Manual and Remote system • Electrical parts Repairing • Circuit testing

Air Conditioning & Air Filtration Systems

Constructively, we fix and maintain relative issues to your A/C . Our Air Condition Care includes:
Split Unit A/C
Fan coil unit (FCU)

Building Cleaning Services

We offer professional cleaning services to scrub your worries away. Our skillful cleaners are well equipped to leave your floors, glasses and bathroom accessories neat, glowing and scented. The cleaning service includes: Villa and office cleaning, floor scrubbing, floor polishing, glass shinning, aluminum glass cleaning, furniture care, bathroom accessories care, pavement and interlock wash, Lawn cleaning etc. We have years of enterprise in providing the general cleaning services in Dubai and all over UAE. We utilize effective methods and strategies in cleaning the spaces and this brings out the beauty and glow covered by dirt and dust. We provide the cleaning service which ensures satisfaction and exceed your expectations.