Technistone are known for the specialty on various collections of stones and stony design, which is used in installment of kitchen designs. They represent the ancient beauty of art with an edge of extensive imagination – since beauty is defined by standards and in a reality of art- words, then we can clearly describe it as Technistone. An organization built on natural initiative and raw materialistic world of art and concept. They flash up your experience with the dimensions of various collections with the consistent out layers of their specialization. Technistone in partnership with quickworks, supplies these precious stones to us and this aid perfect installments of all of our kitchen projects. Intensively it is a great and mind refreshing experience and one decision you won’t regret. It is a defining moment that brings your reality to the 21st century world - art compassed with elegance.

Noble Collection

The Noble Collection expresses a perfect balance between the dynamics within the beauty of nature’s phenomena and 21stcentury technology. The collection gives rise to a new generation of marbled patterns with the special characteristics of engineered stone. Our innovative colors are centered on shades of greys and browns with such amazing depth, it brings home a true to life 3D effect. Nobles are offered in luxury shades of white, beige and brown, with delicate hints of elegant grey or black lines completing the look.

Starlight Collection

This Non-traditional design allows for the connection of high-tech products and traditional materials. The high gloss, shimmering surface is accentuated by mirror chips. The Starlight Collection has a typical structure which lights up your interior and instantly enhances the character of any space. Starlight materials are very popular and often used for countertops, vanity tops, tiles, stairs, and have recently made their strong resurgence in commercial projects.

Harmonia Collection

Inspired by the most beautiful mountain ranges from around the world; the collection brings to life their natural constituents such as sandstone, marlstone and marble. The name Harmonia says it all, instantly creating an environment of peace and solitude within almost any space. Products are in accordance with the requirements for high strength, low absorption and color consistency all while keeping an attractive natural look. A wide color range with a soft grainy structure provides a very subtle and luxury impression.

Essential Collection

The Essential Collection includes materials from the Crystal, Sand and Mirrors production groups with shades from the whitest white to black with the grains of sand. Materials from the Crystal production group are manufactured from one of the hardest mineral – translucent or other type of the natural sorted quartz which is imported from the top-quality quartz producing regions in the world. Products with the trade names of Gobi and Elegant are fashioned from sorted siliceous sands and its main characteristic is a fine surface structure. Typical characteristics are a rough structure with visible mirror chips and of course the connection of the seemingly opposite – beauty and resistance, design and functionality.

Rustic Collection

When you take the natural and massive granite look with high strength and combine it with a practical non-absorbent surface, what do you get? Nature improved. With the combination of attractive natural granites and siliceous sands the surface structure is elegant and practical, displaying style and power.

Serenity Collection

Full of emotions. Those are the products from Technistone’s new Serenity collection. Shades that are very popular among customers, enriched with mystery and desire, spiced with something new and unexpected. If you let your dreams run wild, your endless imagination takes over or you are looking for peace and harmony, then you are sure to find your favorites. Serenity can fulfill your wishes. Turn your dreams into reality and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of compelling lines.

Terazzo Collection

The world has again been enchanted by the Terazzo motif. The design that was previously popular in architecture is returning to conquer interior design. Fabrics, wallpapers, decorations, furniture, accessories - patterns of colour fractions on a uniform background have come to dominate the aesthetic dimensions of interior space, including kitchen countertops, backstops and wall tiles, bathroom tops, paving and other options ideally suited for the application of TechniStone® hardened stone.